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  Micro Location & Gastronomy  

Close surroundings amerge you in a fairytale of Dalmatian village and traditional way of life. All the while palate enjoys autochthonous food delights.


The Republic of Poljica

Villa Mosor is located at the border of picturesque Dalmatian village Smolonje, at the heart of the Republic of Poljica-autonomous community which existed in the late Middle Ages and the early modern period (XIII-XIX century) in Central Dalmatia, bordered by the sea/Omiš in the south and following Cetina river, stretching into hinterland to the north. It was organized as a "peasants' republic", and it's best known because of the Poljica Statute first written in 1440. You can experience living and building in traditional ways, cultivating fertile “polja”= fields (from which Republic got its name) and make the best wine and olive oil.

You can extend exploration of all that in larger villages nearby (Gata, Ostrvica, Kostanje), churches amd museum, monument to Mila Gojsalić who defended the Republic from Turks, making of “soparnik” (traditional meal), close traditional Tavern Konoba Marija (1 km from Villa).

The micro area offers a lot of hiking and cycling tours to river Cetina (Studenci 5 minutes distance), sv. Vid cruch on hill (3 min distance), creek Drinak (3 min)…

If you want to be active around villa, don't worry, we will include you in agricultural activities, picking grapes, olives, potatoes…



Dalmatian Traditional Food Specialties

Are made according to original recipies of our elders:

• Homemade bread under the bell
• Smoked ham and cheese
• Roasted veal or octopus under the bell with potatoes
• Grilled fish
• Risotto
• Dalmatian stew with dumplings – Pašticada with gnocchi
• Rožata - a cake made with eggs, milk and caramel
• Soparnik – Dalmatian chard filled pie


Omiš is famous for festivals of a capella singing – “Klape” and for Pirats festival.




Radmanove Mlinice



Recommended pebble beaches: Artina - Lokva Rogoznica, Vriča Žala - Medići, Brzet, Mala Luka, Glavica - Dugi Rat

Recommended sand beaches: Omiš and Duće

Villa Mosor
Smolonje 1, Smolonje, Gata 21253, Omiš - HR
mob.: +385 91 320 9012, mob.: +385 91 606 1380
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